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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Jean Jacket

I had this too cool jean jacket from high school. I "sewed" all sorts of patches on it- Leo, a security company with my name, Mickey Mouse, Mighty Mouse, Truckin'.

My jacket saw me party through the BEST of times!

I was thin through much of high school.

My dream was to fit into my high school jean jacket once again.

Well, one day I woke up and experienced a Kafkaesque Metamorphosis. The answer to all my prayers. The solution to all my woes! I discovered I was skinny!

So the thought finally dawned on me to try on my old jean jacket.

I tried it on and it actually fit! I was stunned. Oh was I!

The jacket fit all right but my arms hung out. My arms had grown! Way too long that there was no way I could wear the jacket. (The thought occurred to me later that maybe I could have cut the sleeves but if it was doable I probably would have.) Did I tell you that I loved that jacket?

Now I have heard that your nose grows when you get old but your arms! (Besides I am not all that old!) Makes no sense!

I tossed my jean jacket and I'd like to apologize to her for a moment of weakness. Forgive me already! Please...

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