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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Call Me Bubbles

I confess that I flunked Gym twice!

My mother ranted "How can any one flunk Gym?"

That one baffled me too!

It was because of the uniform.

I went to an all girls' school (so pity me)!

We had Gym twice a week for two long years. We had to wear this hideous alligator green uniforms with bloomers (yes, you heard me right). With bloomers underneath!!

We thankfully only had Gym twice a week.

Well twice a week Mrs. Riordan and Miss Sparks (freshman and sophomore years) inspected our uglee- a** uniforms.

They had to be ironed. I ironed mine but it still looked like I slept in it. I could not figure out what the big fuss was about. I still can't. Have you ever had the dubious pleasure of ironing bloomers???

The uglee uniforms had to have our name sewn on the top with white thread.

My friends started calling me "Bubbles" because they could not read my lovely embroidered name.

(My sister got the domestic gene- not I. I confess I never once wanted it! She got double.)

I must have received a failure notice. My Mom used to make me get up at 5 am to iron my Gym uniform. I begged her to do it for me but she wouldn't.

Well, I flunked Gym. Twice.

Then I was supposed to make it up. Now how can you make up Gym in summer school? Rent the Gym out so I can volley volleyballs to myself, write basketball rules, do jumping jacks and stand at attention while be inspected?

Dr. Campbell, bless his heart, wrote an excuse so I could graduate. I had a "chronic illness".

I got stuck taking Gym in college, much to my chagrin. I took Swimming and got a "A" although I had a messed up knee and spent most of the semester watching other students swim although I was dying to get in the water. I finally recovered. The teacher was nice.

I took a tennis course with the same instructor. The high point was going to hit a ball back and the racket went flying across the room! He passed me. That "B" was a gift.

Next I took an Advanced Aquatics class. I am a terrific swimmer, right?

You guessed it! The witch flunked me!

We were supposed to do laps before class. Well, I had a REAL class before that and could not. So I did them after class. Not good enough.

This woman ignored me the entire semester and then she had the gall to flunk me. I was going to go to the Dean about her but I never did- I should have!

I managed to flunk Gym three times! They get hung up on details! Intellectually challenged perchance?

Then I flunked Spanish which I thought was a real hoot! I just took the next hardest course so I never had to make it up.

Dr. Sullivan. His Spanish was not all that hot. But that is another story.

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